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The following services can be added to any of your treatments.  You can indicate that you want additional treatments during check out when you purchase one of the above services. You will then be contacted to confirm your service and discuss additional treatment options. 

  • Retinol Drops Booster

    • PURE Retinol to Intensify Facial Peeling Process $30

  • Arm & Hand Massage

    • 25 Additional Minutes Added to Any Treatment $30

  • Jelly Mask

    • Concentrated Serum Applied Under Mask for Even More Absorbed Hydration $25 

  • High Frequency

    • Kills Bacteria and Promotes Blood and Oxygen Flow to Skin Cells Additional 15 Minutes (Except Chemical Peels) $20

  • Infrared Sauna Blanket

    • Session Detox, Soothes Muscles, Reduce Inflammation, Boost Collagen, Increase Blood Flow & Circulation 40 Minutes $30

  • Fascia Blasting

    • Treatment Drastically Smooths Cellulite, Contours the Body of Fat, Untwists Muscle Adhesions, Brings Blood Flow and Nutrients to the Skin for a Healthy Glow 15 Minute Treatment After Sauna Blanket (Tissue Must Be Heated First) $30

  • Sugar Lip Scrub & Hydrator $15

  • Brightening Eye Treatment

    • Lymphatic drainage techniques are used to drain toxins away from eyes and brighten the area, while a concentrated serum is also applied to tighten and de-puff. Additional 10 minute treatment time$15

  • Warm Paraffin Hand Treatment

    • Including Orange Blossom Scrub & Massage 30 Minutes (Take Home Gloves for Two More Uses) $30

  • Eyebrow Wax $25

  • Upper Lip or Chin Wax $20

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