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Glow with a professional facial

Updated: Dec 9, 2021

You may currently have a skincare routine which involves washing your face once a day or a very complicated 10 step twice a day routine. Either way, you should still be coming every 4 weeks for your professional facial service. Why? As we age, our skin cell turn over rate rapidly slows down. Also, our collagen levels begin to plummet. How can you age gracefully? Let’s discuss!


Regular facials are very stimulating to your blood and oxygen levels. These feed your skin cells and are very renewing


Detoxify your skin from with a lymphatic drainage massage! This rids the skin of toxins and pollutants


Professional exfoliation during facials perfect your skin color tone. Refining fine lines and skin’s texture


Regular facials treat and prevent acne. Professional extractions are a safe way to rid acne without damaging the skin


Regular facials can help sensitivity/redness and guided home care can further assist with this


Facials can quench skin in need of moisture. Steam is not used for these clients as it is counter productive

Every person‘s skin is as unique as they are! And that’s why each person is treated as uniquely as you are here at Luminous Glow Skincare.


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