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What It Means To Glow

Updated: Sep 28, 2021

Luminous Glow truly means beauty shining from within each and every one of us. If we do not feel beautiful on the inside, it doesn‘t matter what the exterior looks like. But how do we balance self care with a busy lifestyle? Schedule it just like you do your work meetings.

Scheduling morning time routines to get your day on the right track is one of the best self care practices you can do for yourself. Start your day with drinking a glass of water and double cleansing your face. Follow that by a five minute meditation before you even turn on your phone. By allowing yourself some “me time”, you are giving your mind a rest and choosing yourself for a change.

Self care shouldn’t just stop in the morning. Try to drink plenty of water throughout the day to flush toxins from your skin, cut back on sugars (acne triggers) and salts (drying). Eat plenty of fruits (antioxidants) and vegetables (vitamins & minerals).

And of course your most relaxing self care… your monthly facial treatment! This is recommended every 4-6 weeks as our skin cycle is every 28 days but slows down as we begin to age.

Come in to begin your own self care!


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